The General Overseer of Kingsway International Christian Center, London (KICC), Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo says God has shifted the world’s influence on the continent of Africa.
According to the servant of the Lord, Africans will be rising into commanding heights in every sphere of life in the world.
Speaking at Calvary Charismatic Center ( CCC) during a four day Empowerment Summit put together by the Charismatic Evangelistic Ministries (CEM), the teacher of the word of God noted that Africans are going to rise to dictate the pace of development and prosperity of other nations of the world.
He mentioned that the continent having suffered so much plunder by some nations of the West is now rising to take its destiny into its own hands.
“I have seen Africa rise to become a continent of influence and it will rub shoulders with world powers as it dictates the prosperity and destiny of other nations “,  Pastor Ashimolowo prophesied.
Pastor Ashimolowo rallied the church to be strong in the Lord and pray to win souls into the Kindgom of God.
He noted that God is happy when people are delivered and healed from sicknesses and poverty.
The Teacher of the Word asked Chistians to live out their faith and not to make apologies for their  belief in Christ Jesus.
Using the leaders of CCC and CEM as example, Pastor Ashimolowo said Pastors Ransford Obeng and Steve Mensah have defied all odds to build solid ministries, adding they have been able because they trusted in the Lord who called them out to stand out.
“Christians are called by Christ Jesus to stand out and not to line up with others and just as Pastor Ransford Obeng and Steve Mensah have defied odds that were against them to build solid ministries so must every Christian trust God to do same”, Pastor Ashimolowo encouraged.
Ministering to thousands of persons with disability (PWDs) on Friday morning at the Heroes Park in Kumasi, Reverend Steve Mensah also distributed about 20 truck loads of wheel chairs, food items, detergents, mattresses and clothes.
The donations formed part of the evangelistic outreach by CEM which is supported by Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo of KICC.
Adwoa Afrane praised CEM and Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo for blessing them with the word of God and the wheel chairs as well as the other items.
Frimpong Douglas, an amputee sprinter said he has never felt such love as shown by CEM ministers and the KICC leader.

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