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A sick person in a hospital bed was visited by relatives. The patient was on an oxygen MACHINE and therefore couldn't speak. As they stood beside the bed, the patient took a pen and a piece of paper and wrote a note which he gave to one of the relatives who put it in his shirt pocket without reading and they continued with their conversation. After a few minutes, the patient died. The relative later picked the note from his pocket to know what the dead man had written. And guess what! Sadly the note read.. "please move away from there, you have stepped on the oxygen pipe. I can't breathe again , you are killing me". Lesson: Do you postpone reading posts, ? Or do you ignore picking calls because you are already close to the caller. They might be helpful to you or to somebody... particularly at a most critical time. Please pick your calls, read that note. NEVER POSTPONE ANYTHING. Don't just read this message alone, kindly share with your friends # stay blessed