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NEW POEMS FOR MAHAMA_ *strike, strike, strike*, go into the class. No No No Why? Why? Why? because edey bee k3k3 because edey bee k3k3 *Mahama Mahama* iam sick call the doctor very quick Doctor Doctor will you come? No my dear, pay me first. No my dear, pay me first. *Mahama, Mahama ve a tail*. It has a big head And a very small brain. And a very small brain. *See see see* I can see a fool, sitting on the throne. Aah!, Aah!, Aah! Where is my gun? If I see my gun, I will shoot, shoot, shoot n shoot And take him to Bole Bomboi *Our Mahama*, Who art in Ghana Tweaaaaaaaa be ur name Thy cedis come Your darkness be done on earth As it is in boys abr3 Give us this day our dumsor plan And forgive us our judgement debts As we forgive those who sold Merchant bank And lead us not into incompetence But deliver us from Gyeeda For thine is the Nkonfem No water and the dumsor From now till voted out AMEN!!!!!!!! Forward it to your friends. Don't laugh alone

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